10 April 2008

Welcome back again Youtube and "Friends"

After a few days was blocked, We are in Indonesia finally can enjoys youtube and “friends” again.

Possibly you which outside of there has not known that in our country, Indonesia, be happened controversy about fitna movie which many circulating in internet. Our government through minister of communications and informatics finally sets mind to blocking sites that presenting the movie.

The sites was blocked are:
- Youtube
- Myspace
- Metacafe
- Rapidshare
- Multiply
- Liveleak
- Themoviefitna

Today I tried returns to access that sites, simply had been accessed again except “ themoviefitna.com”. I'm happy youtube has return. I have learning very much from this site. To rapidshare, thank you for your share. Hehe.

Welcome back again Youtube and “Friends”. I M U

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