02 April 2008

Hiren's 9.5

This is the new version of Hiren's.

I often using this tool for repairing a computer. I like this tool because it's very simple, complete and running up bootable. It's free too (correct me). Ever using it for removing password administrator (Windows XP :p), repairing bad sector, cleaning viruses, partitioning HD etc.

These utilities that included in Hiren's 9.5

- Partition Tools
- Disk Clone Tools
- Antivirus Tools
- Recovery Tools
- Testing Tools
- RAM (Memory) Testing Tools
- Hard Disk Tools
- System Information Tools
- MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools
- BIOS / CMOS Tools
- MultiMedia Tools
- Password Tools
- NTFS (FileSystems) Tools
- Dos File Managers
- Other Tools
- Dos Tools
- Windows Tools

Download here

More detail here

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